Hoagland Restoration is run by Lee Hoagland. A carpenter living in and working out of Buxton, Maine. He holds a B.S. from the School of Forest Resources at the University of Maine and is a graduate of the Preservation Carpentry program at North Bennet Street School. He has lived and worked in various areas including Cape Cod, Boston and Midcoast Maine but now does his work in Southern Maine. He is joined by Dan Osediacz, a graduate of the Chicago Institute of Art, and all around good guy.

Hoagland Restoration specializes in historic restoration and timber framing.  Areas of focus include: window and door restoration and reproduction, architectural reproduction and installation, structural timber fixes, new timber framing, design work and all other carpentry associated with the historic houses, storefronts, barns and churches of Southern Maine. Please give a call or email to discuss any projects.



instagram: @hoaglandRestoration