Vienna Farm Front Entry, Gorham, ME C.1804

The following job was an entry way replacement for a cape in Gorham, ME. What prompted the start of the job was a threshold from a previous repair had rotted through and was rotting the sill. The client had replaced this entry with a Brosco unit and slap dash sill repair when they first moved into the building thirty years ago. Now they felt it was time to do it right. Therefore the project started with the recreation on the front entry. Luckily for us, Joyce Bibber, the well known author of the extremely relevant “A Home for Everyman” had drawn the entry before it fell into disrepair and put it in her book. Thus we had a very accurate model to go off of. Once the entry was built we removed the replacement entry, lifted the building to replace the sill, then installed the new entry. The client also had a desire to have a storm door for the winter and a screen door for the summer so we built both doors then had a blacksmith make strap hinges and screen hinges that would fit on the same pintels so the client could lift one up and off and put the other one one when the seasons change.