Buxton Front Entry c. 1832

 This project was the recreation of a Greek Revival front entry on a house in Buxton, ME. The previous front entry had been untouched for years which allowed for great authenticity but also had problems that were no longer able to be solved by paint and filler. The door was extremely wide with larger panels that eventually split in the south facing sun and side panels were constructed in a way that made it too difficult to restore. The client also wanted to make sure the entry was more energy efficient, so new side lights were built with insulated glass, rigid foam was sandwiched between side panels and a storm door was put on the outside. The fan light was restored at Bagala Window Works in Westbrook where upon scraping a folk art painting was found. The client, Hoagland Restoration and BWW decided the best course of action would be to preserve the painting with a coat of shellac and reproduce the painting over it, thus keeping the painting around for the next person to find but also bring the painting back to life.